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MIND WRITER with Mike Lynch (Elk Lake Publishing 2016).



DENTAL TROLL in Mythic Orbits (Bear Publishing 2016).

KAMIKAZE DONKEY in Splickety Magazine (September 2016).

THE DRAGON HOTEL in Realmscapes (Brimstone Fiction 2016).

ELFANTICIDE with TJ Akers in Tides of Impossibility (Skipjack Press 2015).

SHADOW PLAY in Splickety Prime 3.3 (Splickety Publishing Group 2015).

A SIRIUS REVOLUTION in No Revolution is Too Big (Helping Hands Press 2014).

ZERO REGRETS in the Colony Zero Series (Helping Hands Press 2014).

About Lisa

jackalope bullet    Fascinated with creatures that don’t exist

jackalope bullet 30   Partial to jackalopes

jackalope bullet    Forensic scientist for over a decade

jackalope bullet 30    Light programmer extraordinaire

jackalope bullet 30    Incredibly punny

jackalope bullet 30    Oxford comma enthusiast

jackalope bullet 30    Mom to two, wife to one

jackalope bullet    Hybrid homeschool parent

jackalope bullet 30   Terrified of small children

jackalope bullet 30    Self-proclaimed data junkie

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